Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Follow up from Shot Show 2014 in Las Vegas

We're just returning from a successful NSSF Shot Show 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. As I think back at what made this show a success, I am reminded of the reason why the Mini-Max Cleaner Technology™ is set apart from competitors.

The big advantage is that we use a minimal quantity of clean and potable water, Arma-Sol Rust Inhibitor® and common soap for "slip". By utilizing the proper bore brush for the barrels and the direct spray from our attachments your weapons are clean down to the metal without injuring bluing and dry almost immediately.

We advised the many that purchased our equipment at the show that their initial cleaning would be a bear because of the "carbon on-top of carbon build-up". But once the carbon layers have been removed down to the bare metal and with proper lubrication of the weapon, the next cleanings can be done in a matter of minutes without solvents or chemicals while using the same materials used to wash yourself on a daily basis- soap and water.

Sufficient for some users, our show special was the model 7500, but many felt the need for larger pieces of equipment, namely the 6609  and the 6609-22. Even greater production output, our steam vapor engine models 6606-44 and 6609-66A consume a minimal amount of liquid while provide maximum steam vapor.

As with all models there is NO WASTE WATER STREAM, only the contaminant remains for clean-up.

MODEL #6609-22 High Output

For further information visit the Mini-Max Cleaner website or contact us at (619) 474-3600.

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