Friday, January 10, 2014

Aqueous / Waterless Cleaning with Mini-Max Cleaner Technology

At the request of the U.S. Army I went to Howell Instruments in Fort Worth, Texas. I was asked to bring my best units and latest technology. The project I found out when I arrived, was to clean equipment that was coming back from overseas so it could be restored. The item that was chosen was a Hobart Power Supply Unit.

The cleaning process was done indoors, the carton that we shipped our equipment in was to be used as the waste disposal site. I brought my 6-chambered unit, the Mini-Max Cleaner Modular-66A™ as well as a 15-gallon drum of Arma-Sol Rust Inhibitor® . After teaching their personnel how to use the equipment, they did the cleaning.

The slideshow will show you how it looked at the beginning. The power supply contains much electronics as well as other sensitive parts. I had been advised that this equipment is used around aircraft. You will see that no damage was done to any part of this Hobart Power Supply.

The final results were that we used about 3 gallons Arma-Sol® and the residue removed from the power supply wound up on the carton with absolutely NO WASTE WATER STREAM to contend with. The Mini-Max Cleaner™ produces on demand super-heated high-pressure steam vapor, which has proven safe for all items that it has been asked to clean to date. The steam-vapor has evaporated only the residue remains. The job was done in about 1 hour.

Upon questioning the personnel, it was estimated to take at least 1 day plus whatever costs they would encounter in using spray cans of cleaning material. The moral is to show that when your employees are supplied with proper equipment you can see the increased results in the additional production output that occurs. Additionally, with my technology there is no solvent or chemical used and time to complete the work is significantly reduced. That costly expense of capturing and cleaning contaminated waste water is totally eliminated.

Mini-Max Cleaner Technology™ is patented and produced in the U.S.A.

For further information visit the Mini-Max Cleaner website or contact us at (619) 474-3600.

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