Saturday, June 14, 2014

Just a personal thought about Seattle school shooting.

This is just a personal thought about the latest news that has just come in from Seattle where another shooter goes and kills, injures, and creates havoc in our school system whether it be our kindergarten or college age students.

Some say that the people that do the shooting and the killing are all “mentally ill”. And everybody feels these people should not be allowed to possess a weapon. Has anyone figured out what happens when some who are evidently “well” get a weapon? Could it possibly be, because someone who owns a weapon feels “empowered”? If they kill or maim will this make the owner of the weapon “mentally ill”?

If that’s possible then how many potentially “mentally ill” people are we going to have running around? Some of these people might be on the edge, have a weapon, and want revenge. Do I have an answer? No. I just thought I’d mention it. It’s something to think about, anyway. Any ideas?  Thanks for listening.

Max Friedheim, pres.
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

A little info on taxes and savings.

Now that tax time is over, or almost over, you heave a sigh of relief and pay what you have to pay - it's over!

During this time, however, as you're looking your numbers over, one way of having some extra money in your pocket is to save money in your day-to-day activities. I'm talking about those devils of "waste management through waste water streams". And even the rising costs of water and electricity that all of us are being hit with.

At noon-time, in our facility, we shut off most of the lights as well as the equipment. So far it looks like we've reduced our electrical expense by nearly fifty-percent.

We have practically no waste water to contend with. When we wash anything at our facility, we use the Mini-Max Cleaner's steam vapor, which uses practically no water and with our absorbency pads, we capture whatever we've removed.

…Just a little bit of info on just one way of how savings makes it easier when tax time comes around.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Tax time is nearly over.

My best wishes that "tax time" did not hurt you, but somehow governments need money for whatever reasons. This brings up the question of "saving" enough capital to make it easier to meet obligations.

The best way to save money is to eliminate some costly operations such as the simple issue of water consumption and waste disposal. It helps sometimes to take a few minutes to check these nuisance expenditures and see how much they add up to. Whatever they add up to is saved money in your pocket when you save these expenditures with Mini-Max Technology.

Check out our website to see what I am talking about.

Thank you for listening.

Max Friedheim, Pres.
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Follow up from Shot Show 2014 in Las Vegas

We're just returning from a successful NSSF Shot Show 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. As I think back at what made this show a success, I am reminded of the reason why the Mini-Max Cleaner Technology™ is set apart from competitors.

The big advantage is that we use a minimal quantity of clean and potable water, Arma-Sol Rust Inhibitor® and common soap for "slip". By utilizing the proper bore brush for the barrels and the direct spray from our attachments your weapons are clean down to the metal without injuring bluing and dry almost immediately.

We advised the many that purchased our equipment at the show that their initial cleaning would be a bear because of the "carbon on-top of carbon build-up". But once the carbon layers have been removed down to the bare metal and with proper lubrication of the weapon, the next cleanings can be done in a matter of minutes without solvents or chemicals while using the same materials used to wash yourself on a daily basis- soap and water.

Sufficient for some users, our show special was the model 7500, but many felt the need for larger pieces of equipment, namely the 6609  and the 6609-22. Even greater production output, our steam vapor engine models 6606-44 and 6609-66A consume a minimal amount of liquid while provide maximum steam vapor.

As with all models there is NO WASTE WATER STREAM, only the contaminant remains for clean-up.

MODEL #6609-22 High Output

For further information visit the Mini-Max Cleaner website or contact us at (619) 474-3600.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Aqueous / Waterless Cleaning with Mini-Max Cleaner Technology

At the request of the U.S. Army I went to Howell Instruments in Fort Worth, Texas. I was asked to bring my best units and latest technology. The project I found out when I arrived, was to clean equipment that was coming back from overseas so it could be restored. The item that was chosen was a Hobart Power Supply Unit.

The cleaning process was done indoors, the carton that we shipped our equipment in was to be used as the waste disposal site. I brought my 6-chambered unit, the Mini-Max Cleaner Modular-66A™ as well as a 15-gallon drum of Arma-Sol Rust Inhibitor® . After teaching their personnel how to use the equipment, they did the cleaning.

The slideshow will show you how it looked at the beginning. The power supply contains much electronics as well as other sensitive parts. I had been advised that this equipment is used around aircraft. You will see that no damage was done to any part of this Hobart Power Supply.

The final results were that we used about 3 gallons Arma-Sol® and the residue removed from the power supply wound up on the carton with absolutely NO WASTE WATER STREAM to contend with. The Mini-Max Cleaner™ produces on demand super-heated high-pressure steam vapor, which has proven safe for all items that it has been asked to clean to date. The steam-vapor has evaporated only the residue remains. The job was done in about 1 hour.

Upon questioning the personnel, it was estimated to take at least 1 day plus whatever costs they would encounter in using spray cans of cleaning material. The moral is to show that when your employees are supplied with proper equipment you can see the increased results in the additional production output that occurs. Additionally, with my technology there is no solvent or chemical used and time to complete the work is significantly reduced. That costly expense of capturing and cleaning contaminated waste water is totally eliminated.

Mini-Max Cleaner Technology™ is patented and produced in the U.S.A.

For further information visit the Mini-Max Cleaner website or contact us at (619) 474-3600.

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